RevelDigital for Developers

This site is dedicated to developers wishing to extend the RevelDigital platform and is sectioned into three primary areas: Service API, Player API for Windows, and Player API for Android. Developers wishing to work with their RevelDigital account data should reference the Service API. Developers wishing to extend the functionality of their player hardware should reference the Player API's.

REST Service API

This API provides access to your RevelDigital account data including media, playlists, templates, schedules, etc. This is a web based REST style service with support for XML, JSON, and RSS media types.

Service API documentation

Player API

The Player API's provide low level access to the player at runtime and allow for virtually unlimited customization of player functionality.

Somes uses for scripting include:

  • Advanced interactivity for kiosks
  • Animation of template elements
  • Modifying template element properties (scale, translate, opacity, etc)
  • Retrieval of 3rd party data
  • Interfacing with proprietary hardware (printers, GPIO, etc)

Windows API documentation

Android API documentation